When your wireless device is broken IMS can fix it.

That’s what you can expect when your wireless device breaks down, and brought to IMS for service. IMS owners and staff combine for more than 20 years experience and knowledge in the cellular industry. We have the ability to fix, repair, replace, and refurbish, most wireless smartphones.

+ Water Damage

Our certified technicians will assess the water damaged phone and recommend the appropriate cource of action.

+ Phone -Physical Problems

• Phone was accidentally dropped and damaged
• Phone needs new housing case

+ Phone -Screen Problems

• Cracked screens
• White screens
• Blank screens
• Lines running through the middle of the screen
• “Tie-dye” effect
• “Bleeding” LCD
• Black spots or ink spots

+ Audio Problems

• Static sounds on all phone calls
• Sound fades in and out during all calls
• No ring tone
• Very low sound; even when volume is at high.

+ Typical Keypad Problems

• All keypad malfunctions
• Keys on keypad are stuck
• Missing keys
• Keys are pressing on their own
• Keys on side of phone are not working

+ Charging Port/Power Problems

• Charging came loose, is bent/ broken
• Phone will not hold charge
• Phone will not charge period
• No power
• Overheat when attempting to charge

More About Us?

We are one of Ottawa’s leaders in Smartphone and Tablet repair! We repair all makes and models!

100 Days Limited Warranty

We carry a 100 days limited warranty for our repairs except for water and physical damage phones. Our limited warranty cover defected part(s) replaced and/or bad repairs. We will repair your phone at no charge. We will not cover defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal operation, improper handling or storage, neglect, alteration, unauthorized installation, removal or repairs, failure to follow instructions, problems caused by your network coverage, exposure to fire, water, liquid, food and physical damage. Warranty will void if your phone has been repaired by others. We have the right to refuse any warranty work without proof of receipt.

Water & Physical Damage Disclaimer:

Due to the unpredictable damaging nature of liquid in electronics, we cannot give you a warranty on any repairs. There is also a chance that your phone will not power up after the cleaning process. We will NOT be responsible for any damage from any attempt of liquid damaged repair.

IMS phone rentals connect you to more than 177+ countries throughout the world with just one mobile phone.