IMS purchases over 80% of its cellular devices already refurbished from our respective suppliers, and have been doing so for years.  Devices are inspected externaly, when first recieved to ensure they meet our specifications.  Absolute min condition on the outside, with absolutely  no scratches, nicks, dings, or any sign of wear.  Only the absloute mint A++ devices are sold online, as our 20 year reputation is at stake.

Refurbishing Steps.

  1. When Phonesare received from Suppliers with known issues that have been identified by their respective software’s.
  2. Each device is tested to duplicate any issue that the supplier has identified as failed.
  3. Each part or issue is resolved with replacement original / Premium parts.
  4. Any device that has liquid damage, or when any issue is not resolved, device is discarded.
  5. All devices that continue our process, will receive the following:
    • devices batteries are replaced when under 80%.
    • LCD screens are replaced.
    • Device housing are replaced.
    • Charging ports are replaced.
    • Filters, Mesh, Loud speaker, Ear speaker are replaced.
    • Devices are re assembled.
  6. Devices aremanually tested by 2 expert technicians:
    • Cellular connections
    • Ear speaker
    • Loud speaker
    • Proximity sensor
    • CameraFront
    • Camera back
    • Loud speaker Microphone
    • Speaking Microphone
    • Wifi,
    • Bluetooth
    • Battery health
    • Vibrate
    • taptic
    • Home button
    • Finger scanner
    • Face recognition
    • Headphone jack
    • Antenna
    • Volume buttons
    • Power button
    • Phone call in
    • Phone call out
    • Software updated
    • Flash
    • Charging port
    • LCD touch
    • LCD brightness

Once all the manual testing is completed, we then install each device to software testing to ensure all the features listed above pass.

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